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Scottish Highland Cows

The Scottish Highland Breed is an exceptionally hardy old breed.  They are well known for their shaggy hair and beautiful horns.  However, their temperment, hardiness, longevity, maternal instincts, natural resistance to respiratory disease,  and docility are amazing attributes that we didn’t know about until we were blessed with our first Highland heifer named “Muppet.”

FTH Sheena (“Muppet”) #50,482

FTH Sheena (“Muppet”) #50,482

FTH Sheena (“Muppet”) #50,482

The Scottish Highland Breed is also known for their small muscle fibers, making the beef very tender.  Utilizing this attribute in our Grass Fed and Finishing program has been very advantageous to our Scottish Highland/Angus cross calves for beef production.


Grass Fed Highland Steer

We love this Scottish Highland breed!  Their beauty and docility are such a sweet blessing to greet in the pastures.  God certainly made a beautiful animal when he created them.   If you are interested in acquiring your own Scottish Highland from our fold, we might just have the Highland you are looking for!

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HS JulieAnise #60,824