Our Story

We are a family-run farm

Walnut Range Farms is family owned and operated. “We”, Forrest and Jessica Swanson, along with our daughters Piper  and Bree, who are 5th and 6th generation farmer/ranchers. We both grew up on our respective family farms and gained knowledge, work ethic and passion for raising cattle. We are blessed to be able to work side by side, doing what we love, caring for the land and animals that God has provided for us to tend to.


Our passion for high quality, nutritious food has led us to the raising of Grass Fed Beef.  When setting out to raise Grass Fed/Finished Beef, we wanted our beef to be well-marbled, juicy and tender, something that we weren’t able to find in the marketplace.  Walnut Range Farms is excited to present to you the same quality beef we eat ourselves. May your experience with this beef is the same as ours…satisfaction to the last bite!