Why Heritage Breed Pork

Mangalitsa and Duroc Pork

Walnut Range Farms is excited to offer you Mangalitsa Pork! The hairy, Mangalitsa breed is something still quite rare in the U.S. They were imported into the U.S. from Hungary, around the year 2007. The pork from this breed is really a treat. The Duroc, is a Heritage Breed that is also delicious. Both of these Heritage Breeds are offered in a few different options. We have Purebred Duroc, Mangalitsa/Duroc Cross, and we have a few Purebred Mangalitsa as well.

Mangalitsa are known for their red meat, and white fat, that melts in your mouth. They grow much slower than commercial breeds. This slow growth, combined with the fact that they can get a little too much fat into their meat, led us to choosing a Mangalitsa and Duroc Cross.

The Duroc have the perfect amount of marbling in the meat, keeping the amazing flavor of the red meat, and yet, they grow and finish quicker than the purebred Mangalitsa. This helps us be more ecologically sensitive, such as in saving in water and other resources on the range.

We let the pigs roam through cover crops in small fields as they grow. The pigs are allowed to practice their natural instincts, in natural habitat. They love to roam, dig holes, play, and rest in the shade, through the summer and fall. In the winter the hogs are moved closer to our home so we can have easy access to them in case of blizzards and extreme cold. We also provide small sheds, packed with packed with straw for them to nestle into on cold winter nights.

We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. The pigs eat growing cover crops, alfalfa hay, and are also finished on barley, triticale and sunflowers. These are non-gmo grains that produce a soft fat that marbles the meat perfectly!